Autopilot Predictable Abuse

I have driven several Teslas - autopilot easily causes mode confusion, is unreliable and unsafe @NHTSArecalls should require @tesla to turn it off.

— Missy Cummings (@missy_cummings), director of Duke's Humans and Autonomy Laboratory May 17, 2019

Regulators must step in to prevent this broken software from being beta tested on public roads. The goal of this website is simple: Bring attention to Autopilot abuse before a school bus full of children die.

Autopilot is Killing People Today

The Public Predictably Abuses Autopilot

Autopilot's Safety Features Easy to Bypass

Autopilot Has Major Bugs

Note: this driver was asleep and on Autopilot. Autopilot worked just well enough to lure the driver into a sense of complacency. We are lucky nobody died.

Abuse of Autopilot Starts At the Top

Anyone who learned about Autopilot by watching Elon Musk on TV would have seen him drive without his hands on the wheels. No wonder people believe that is OK.

Autopilot No Hands on CBS This Morning

Even as Elon Musk explains the importance of having hands on the wheel he drives without his hands on the wheel.

Autopilot No Hands on Bloomberg

Anyone who learned about Autopilot via this clip would see Elon Musk driving without his hands on the wheels.

Autopilot No Hands on 60 Minutes

Start at 10 minutes. from Keef Wivanef on Vimeo.

The Essence of Our Concern

It is not hard to find autopilot being abused. In addition to Tesla drivers, regulators seem asleep at the wheel. Autopilot is more dangerous than a human driver according to the LA Times and Autopilot has already been limited in Europe. Americans deserve the same protections from Autopilot abuse.